Mastering Photoshop CC 2017 – The Art of Design & Technology – Photoshop CS 2017 Mastery

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Mastering Photoshop CC 2017 – The Art of Design & Technology – Photoshop CS 2017 Mastery – Technology and Design Art

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Getting Started from the Basics to Advanced Techniques and getting an Expert in Photoshop in a matter of hours This course of Photoshop is specially crafted for anyone who wants to become a Master in Photoshop. You could be a beginner or intermediate but this course would help you learn all the necessary things that you need to know to become a Photoshop expert.

You will have a complete study on all that you need to know, starting from understanding different types of documents, different saving procedures for creating simple designs, understanding different formats, Various Color Correction Techniques, Various Filter Effects, In-depth study on Brushes , etc.

This is a complete package of everything about Photoshop. So first i will be covering up how to set up your first document, then get into the basic navigation tools and practice the very important shortcuts and learn every single tool one by one, All the various fundamental and necessary options that you need to know from the Panels and Tabs.

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Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy
Language of instruction: English
Level of training: 
Training time: 6 hours + 30 minutes
File size: 1130 MB

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