Mastering Trinamic Stepper Motor Drivers with Arduino



What you’ll learn

  • Trinamic Stepper Motor Drivers


  • Basic understanding of Arduino

Trinamic stepper drivers are the most advanced, yet affordable, stepper drivers on the market. They have all kinds of amazing features such as StallGuard which can detect when something is pressing against the motor. However, these drivers are difficult to understand and set up.

In this course, I will show you how to become a master with these drivers and write your own firmware in Arduino. We will also learn Blynk in order to control our motors over WiFi.

1) First, we will discuss the basics of a stepper motor and how they work.

2) Then we will dive into controlling the TMC2209 via UART both manually as well as with the TMCStepper library. This will allow you to set different settings such as current and stall settings.

3) Then we will explore the AccelStepper Library where I will show you how to use it to control the motor with advanced positioning. You will be able to accelerate and decelerate your motor to a position, speed it up and slow it down, and control it as precisely as you want.

4) Finally, we will quickly cover Blynk, where I will show you how to build a custom Android or iOS app to control your stepper motor over WiFi.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn to use Trinamic stepper driver
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Hi! My name is Daniel Frenkel and I love selling things online and have spent hundreds, possible thousands, of hours learning ways to do it best. I also hate taking classes with boring and dull instructors so you’ll learn something useful and stay engaged with me! I invite you to join me and I guarantee you’ll take away a ton of value.

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