Medical University virology in 14 days! Free Download
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Medical University virology in 14 days! 1

Medical University virology in 14 days! Free Download

  • Biology background

In this medical virology course, we will explain all the viruses that are if medical importance. For every virus there is  corresponding video along with a pdf lecture that you can download and study. Please note that the lectures are lectures related to medicine and not taxonomy or describing the viruses in another way.

In every lecture we will explain the structure of the virus, the disease caused by it, diagnosis, treatments available and vaccines.

Furthermore, at the end of the course there is a section containing eleven quizzes (every one contains a medical case and multiple choice questions) to evaluate your understanding of the course. I will always be posting cases and assignments that we will solve together. this course will be very interactive and I hope you enjoy your learning experience!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me I am always available!

Good Luck!!

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