[Michael Breen] Purest Persuasion Free Download
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[Michael Breen] Purest Persuasion, FreeTuts Download

Michael Breen – Purest Persuasion  Free Tutorial Download

A 2-Day Masterclass Home Study Programme
Designed To Radically Improve Your Persuasive Powers In As Little A Eight Hours…

Unlike persuasion courses that teach you a 1001 language patterns and hope you can figure out what pattern to use, Purest Persuasion reveals ‘the logic of persuasion’, the secrets behind how people change their minds, say yes and become persuaded without force, ethically questionable tactics or coercion…  and for the first time reveals how you can ethically and elegantly persuade others conversationally too, even if you think you’re not good at getting others to say yes to your ideas!

-Learn the psychology to elegant conversational persuasion. Discover cutting edge tools and  strategies behind Master Persuader Michael Breen’s very own step-by-step system of Purest Persuasion, inside this Brand New Home Study course.

-How to radically improve your persuasive powers, that require no trial closing, test selling, scripted language patterns or pressure selling!

-Youll discover a whole new way of persuading with integrity that leads naturally and automatically to the listener saying yes!

-Discover Michaels step-by-step approach to persuading others thats been tested in the real world and used to persuade and win seven figure contracts, change the minds of large groups of people etc.

-Why being relational, credible and ethical are some of your greatest assets when persuading others

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-How to listen so really hear what people are saying

-How to find out whats driving and organising the listeners world view so your messages get past their internal GATEKEEPER and are able to impact and be acted upon (this is the real trick behind powerful persuasion – the subject feels the idea and change in perspective has come from them)

-Discover the top 4 things CEOs say gets their attention, so you can know how to influence senior stakeholders

In total there are:

-18 professionally edited mp3 tracks, recorded from the live workshop

-Plus 6 expert assignments created specifically for the home study course to teach you how to apply the key lessons right away.

But thats not all.

-Youll also receive 8 HD Video Modules

These 8 additional HD video modules were recorded with Michael to extend and deepen your understanding and application of the ideas taught in the course so you can master the art and skills of purest persuasion.


[Michael Breen] Purest Persuasion, FreeTuts Download


Download Michael Breen – Purest Persuasion   Free

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