Microcontrollers for the Internet of Things Free Download
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Microcontrollers for the Internet of Things, FreeTuts Download

Microcontrollers for the Internet of Things Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Program Arduino and ESP8266 Microcontrollers to work with Digital & Analog signals
  • Build Internet-of-Things circuits that use the ESP8266 to exchange information over WiFi as either a client, server or both.
  • Configure the ESP8266 to scan and connect to existing WiFi networks, or to act as an access point to create its own WiFi network.
  • You’ll need some materials to follow along with the lectures and build the demonstration circuits. This includes the ESP8266 ESP-12 microcontroller on a breakout board, a USB to Serial device that supports 3.3V operation, a computer capable of running Arduino software 1.6.4 or above, and some common electronic components like wires, LEDs, buttons, breadboards, and voltage regulators. A lecture is dedicated to talking about the selection of materials recommended for the course.

Arduino has created an open-source, easy-to-use hardware & software platform that has made microcontrollers and electronics accessible to a broad audience of makers. Dozens of variations on the platform exist today, and dedicated devices found in 3D printers, Quadcopters, Media players and robots have bloomed thanks to a diverse ecosystem of vendors and enthusiasts. These devices are following the trend of adding more and more networking and communication capabilities, pushing toward applications on the Internet of Things.

This course is a guide to the exciting world of internet-enabled microcontrollers using the Arduino platform. Starting with the fundamentals of Arduino programming, the course builds expertise in Analog/Digital Input & Output, and other core topics used to prototype electronic devices. The course then extends the experience by focusing on programming the ESP8266 to scan and connect to pre-existing WiFi networks, or create its own network as an access point. This course features lectures with information to help students build the demonstrations as they go, and challenges students to extend the lecture-provided circuits and code to add additional features. Finally, there is a projects section at the end of the course where new projects will be added to illustrate special topics and techniques, based on student interests and questions!

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Who this course is for:
  • This course is for those new to microcontroller programming, or have some experience with Arduino but have never worked with WiFi networking on that platform. Some prior programming experience is recommended, but not required. Basic understanding of electronics concepts of voltage, resistance and current is assumed. This course is probably not for you if you have never been introduced to basic electronics or programming concepts.


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