Microsoft Excel for Mac – Office 365 on Mac OS Free Download
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The complete guide to Microsoft excel for Apple Mac OS X – Office 365 Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Use Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac with confidence in an Office environment.
  • learn how to use the most common Excel formulas and functions to carry out day to day spreadsheet tasks.
  • Produce excel spreadsheets to the highest standard
  • Use formulas and functions to carry out tasks
  • Give them the tools to be able to tackle more complex formulas
  • No Prior spreadsheet experience is needed to take the class.
  • Students should have Microsoft Excel installed on their computer so that they can follow along with the lectures.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular computer applications in offices over the last 20 years. For years people have struggled with compatibility issues between Microsoft and Apple Mac OS. This is slowly changing, Microsoft Office 365 has brought the two operating systems closer, its now easier than ever to collaborate with other users, its easier than ever to create a file on a Window PC and edit it on your favourite MacBook.

Do you hide when someone mentions Microsoft Excel, or do you pretend to know more about it  than you actually do. This course is designed from the bottom up, focusing on the most important elements of Microsoft Excel to give you the skills and confidence to perform everyday spreadsheet tasks in the average office.

Have you used Excel before and now have moved over to Apple Mac OS, we will look at the main differences in the two versions and also show some useful tips so that you can become a competent Microsoft Excel user

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for anybody who has no spreadsheet experience but wishes to become a competent Microsoft Excel user.
  • This course can be used as a refresher course for users who have used Microsoft Excel on a Windows PC but are now using an Apple Mac


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