Microsoft SQL Server for Beginners and Intermediate



What you’ll learn

  • How to install SQL server 2017

  • How to create,alter,drop database

  • How to create,alter,drop table

  • How to insert, update and delete records from tables.

  • How to select data from tables using basic SELECT statement in SQL Server.

  • How to filter out unwanted data by using WHERE clause as well as, you would know how to order your result set by using ORDER BY clause.

  • UNION and UNION ALL operators

  • GROUP BY clause, HAVING clause and Aggregate functions.


  • No Pre-Requisites – I will explain everything in the lectures.

  • No Prior Database OR SQL experience is required.

In this course you will learn SQL server basic concepts.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Installation
  • Introduction to databases and its structure
  • Database

        How to create database

         – How to modify database

         – How to delete database

         – Database delete issues

  • Tables

– How to create table

          – How to modify table

          – How to delete table

  • Data manipulation
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         – How to insert data in tables

        – How to update data in tables

        – How to delete data in tables

       – Truncating data vs deleting

  • Retrieving data

       – Select statement

  • Filtering data retrieval

       – Filtering Data with the WHERE clause

       – Filtering Data with the WHERE clause using various Operators

       – UNION Operator and UNION ALL Operator

       – EXISTS Operator

       – Sorting Data with the ORDER BY Clause

       – SELECT TOP Clause

       – DISTINCT Statement

       – GROUP BY Statement

       – HAVING Clause

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners who likes to gain basic SQL Server concepts.

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