Mini Project Development for Azure Data Engineer



What you’ll learn

  • Insights of Azure Data Services – Storage Services, ADF V2, Azure Databricks and SQL DW (Synapse Analytics)

  • Creating and Managing data related Azure services

  • Practical experience with downloadable datasets

  • Design concepts for big data processing on Azure Data Lake

  • Securing Data on Blob Storage using SAS URLs + Lifecycle Policies to archive data with auto tier change

  • End to End Data load pipeline (Source -> Raw Layer -> Curated -> Consumption)


  • ETL or Database Knowledge is expected

  • Basic Azure Knowledge is plus

  • Spark knowledge will speed up learning Azure Databricks

Learn All in One Azure Data Engineering services along with hands-on (requirement gathering to implementation)


Recently added sessions:

  • Added code snippets for Databricks <-> SQL Server using JDBC
  • Data Generator code added. Now you can generate your own datasets for this workshop.
  • Copy data from Azure SQL to Azure SQL without ADF (kind of linked server)
  • ADF Code promotion – manual activity
  • Dynamically change DB connection in ADF (Parameterizing linked service)
  • Visible comparison of Blob and Azure Data Lake Gen2 storage using data analytics through Azure Databricks.
  • NY Taxi data files source link added in resources section
  • Integrate Key Vault with Azure Databricks and extract secrets via Secret Scope
  • Use Blob SDK in Azure Databricks to read/write files on blob like IO operations
  • Connecting to SQL Server with pyodbc in Azure Databricks
  • Datasets used in this course are now available to download. Visit Azure Data Factory section.


We will execute a small project. It will help you to learn:

1) Design concepts – How to design big data system. Terminologies of each components/layers.

2) Hands-on – We will be creating required Azure data services and will look various options available.

3) Tips and Tricks

4) Helps in DP-200 and DP-201 certification preparation.

Technologies you will learn:

Azure Data Factory V2, Databricks (using Standard cluster), Storage Services, SQL Synapse Analytics (DB part)

Course highlights:

1) Resources: Links to external resource for further reading

2) Datasets : Download and use dataset used in this course. Do more practice.

3) Architecture and Design : Start learning on how to deign the data load on cloud platform.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Azure Data World
  • ETL Developers
  • Database Professionals


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