Minimalist vs Maximalist Interior Design


About This Class
Redesign a room from your home to make it look more minimal, more maximal or the perfect blend of the two. In this class, you will learn the principles of interior design that contribute to the minimal or the maximal look and I will teach you simple steps you can take to achieve that look.

In this class you will learn:

Why styles do not matter: where you will learn how the architectural styles have shifted between simplicity and complexity
How simplicity and complexity contribute to what we consider beautiful
How to curate your objects to make a space look beautiful despite the high number of objects
How “grouping”, “families” and “repetition” contribute to how we perceive a space
How the shape of objects can influence the complexity of a space and how we feel around it
How to pick colours strategically in order to make a space look more simple or more complex
How the arrangement of objects in the space can create a sense of simplicity or complexity

Who am I?

I’m a licensed architect with over a decade of experience in Vienna, Austria. I have a double degree in Architecture and “Building Science and Technology” and I am deeply passionate about design psychology and optimising interior design in order to create great emotional experiences for people. My goal is to design spaces that make people FEEL loved, happier, healthier, and more creative.

In my classes, you will find tips and strategies that will help you design a great home. You will learn how certain design decisions can influence your emotions and behaviour and what you can do to create a home that will make you feel happier and supported in your goals.

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