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If you’re in marketing, you have to reach and connect with customers and prospective customers where they are. And more than ever, people are on their phones and mobile devices, which means that having an effective mobile marketing strategy is essential to your business. But how do you break through the marketing noise? In this course, marketing executive Keitha Maciel teaches you how to successfully leverage mobile devices to resonate with your audience. She discusses the many elements needed to craft an effective mobile marketing strategy, and shares enhanced customer engagement techniques that help build relationships, which can increase sales and conversion rates. Whether you are a small business, growing business, or large enterprise, if mobile is not part of your marketing plans, you’ll be left behind. Join Keitha as she gets you on the fast track to implementing your mobile marketing strategy.



    Keitha Maciel is a marketing strategist, speaker, and consultant.

    Keitha is an award-winning marketing leader who has more than 15 years of experience driving demand, increasing revenue, and propelling business growth.She helps businesses of various sizes implement strategies that attract customers, influence buyer behavior, and drive revenue through marketing. She is the director of marketing at Fiserv.Kietha holds a MS in internet marketing from Full Sail University and is doctoral candidate in media psychology at Fielding Graduate University.

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