Monitoring AWS with CloudWatch Free Download
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Monitoring AWS with CloudWatch, FreeTuts Download

Monitoring AWS with CloudWatch  Free Tutorial Download


Amazon CloudWatch provides robust monitoring of your entire AWS infrastructure.

Administrators will be able learn to track a wide variety of helpful metrics using CloudWatch, including:

  • CPU usage
  • CPU latency
  • Network traffic
  • Available storage space
  • Memory
  • Custom performance counters

For EC2,EBS,RDS Instances, Understand  the pricing options, what is “basic” , “detailed”, “custom” metrics, AWS CloudWatch logs, Alarms, Events etc.

You will also look at accessing system and application logs, and create custom alarms to provide near real time notification when specific phrases or metrics appear in the logs, or when certain events take place, such as low disk space. How to create Dashboards  to display graphs and statistics for both up to the minute and historical data.

Who this course is for:

  • Sysadmins,Devops, AWS Architect,RDS Admin

Monitoring AWS with CloudWatch, FreeTuts Download

Download  Monitoring AWS with CloudWatch  Free

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