MS Word For Beginners – Updated For 2021



What you’ll learn

  • Get acquainted with the program interface

  • Create and working with tables


  • Microsoft Word 2013 or higher

Our computer has many different programs. We use some of them often, while others we use very rarely or never at all. But there are programs in the computer that you just need to know and be able to use. And one of them Microsoft Word.

The text editor Microsoft Word will be useful to absolutely any computer user who is somehow connected with text documents.

Microsoft Word is a program for printing text and composing documents. In this program, you can print any type of text: article, documents, diploma and even a book. Convenient mechanisms for working with links, footnotes, headers and footers. Built-in hint wizard and extensive help system. Also in this program you can beautifully design text – add picture or photo to it and much more.
Word is a white sheet of paper on which you can type right away using your computer keyboard. Moreover, this is not one sheet of paper: if you need to print a lot of text and it does not fit on one sheet, the program will automatically add more sheets. Also, the printed text can be edited: change the size of letters, font, style.
In this course, you will learn how to edit text, work with tables and customize pages.

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Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Who plans to work in the office or with documents

Coach and Front-end developer

I started teaching people office programs in 2014. I have two certificates Word and Excel. Since 2018 I started working with websites.I have 2+ years of work experience. I believe knowledge changes the world and therefore I constantly read books on personal growth. I hope you will receive the necessary knowledge and skills from my courses.

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