Music Theory Fundamentals for Songwriting Free Download
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Music Theory Fundamentals for Songwriting, FreeTuts Download

Udemy – Music Theory Fundamentals for Songwriting  Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  1. Create a scale in any key
  2. Find the available diatonic chords in any key
  3. Learn how to understand and write melodies
  4. Learn how to understand and write chord progressions
  5. Learn how to combine chords and melodies to create songs


  1. No prior knowledge required at all. Some amount of experience on any instrument doesn’t hurt, though!


Music Theory For Songwriters is unique because…

— It’s all about learning the fundamentals of how music works. —

These principles hold true regardless of your instrument.
They hold true regardless of your genre.

Music theory is often overlooked, or taught poorly. When you understand music theory, you can do things like:
– Pick up multiple instruments with ease
– Improvise / jam
– Develop your ear training skills, so you can play songs without needing sheet music
– Learn to better write/arrange your own music
– Transpose songs between different keys

It really unlocks anything you could want to do, musically. A lot of people take lessons, learn a few concepts here and there, but never really understand the big picture.

I’m a Berklee College of music alumnus, I work as a private music teacher, and I’ve been on the radio (a top 25 spot, no less!). And with this course you get to use my knowledge and my 20+ years of training as a shortcut.

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This program is not just for songwriters, of course. It’s really for any musician. Even non-musicians who want to understand theory can enroll, because we work from a starting point of having NO prior knowledge at all.

I think the best part of this course is the focus on practicality. It cuts out the guesswork on the wide world of music theory, and gives you the ESSENTIALS of what you NEED to know to get up and running. All in a no-nonsense way that even a beginner can follow along with.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners in music theory who want to understand how music works. This is mainly geared towards songwriters and modern performers, as there’s not a lot of emphasis on sheet music

Music Theory Fundamentals for Songwriting, FreeTuts Download

Download  Udemy – Music Theory Fundamentals for Songwriting Free

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