Negative Space

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What you’ll learn

  • Composing highly readable Art.
  • Quickly improvise design aspects of any existing artwork
  • Add value to the narrative of existing art (both still and film )
  • Broaden the perspective as designers


  • This course is for all kinds of Art enthusiasts and professional artists. It aims at increasing the sensibilities of all Creatives.


This course aims to present the idea of ‘Negative Space’ as a Design Tool.

Negative space is generally understood as still black and white images. This course starts by sharing an interesting definition of negative space. The following sessions are designed to present negative space as a dynamic tool, which can engineer the fundamental dynamics and narrative of any Art form whether it’s Illustration or Painting or Sculpture, Graphic design or photography , even Film making !


The course is laid out as 9 video sessions.

  1. Introduction – This video session introduces the trainer and the core mission of the course
  2. Defining Negative space – The conventional definitions found online for Negative space are don’t  really cover the subject exhaustively. This video session is an attempt to present negative space in an interesting and informative fashion.
  3. Characteristics of negative space – The idea of negative space as a 2D form which only exits in the place of our active visualisation is explained in this video.
  4. Negative space of an interaction? – Changing the perception of negative space as still and flat black and white visuals to the level where you observe the negative space of interaction between active elements in a composition. This video raises the idea of negative space to a tool that can be used for planing of dynamic action in your art work.
  5. Negative space in FILM- This video is about the creative ways that negative space has been used in dynamic visual medium like film making.
  6. Recap – a quick revision of covered items
  7. Negative space v/s Silhouette- This video covers an important difference between negative space and Silhouette.
  8. Projects – The last part of the video comprises of 3 simple but fun projects aimed at enforcing the study covered so far. The projects videos are split into 2 short videos.

Who this course is for:

  • For all Creatives



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