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Got a brilliant idea for a mobile application or website? Even if you’ve never touched a code editor in your life, you can still make your concept a reality using one of the many no-code tools currently on the market. In this course, get a broad overview of some of the options available for designing and creating websites and applications without involving (much, if any) code and engineering. Instructor Jen Kramer explains what the current market of no-code website editors looks like, as well as the benefits and limitations of opting for a no-code toolset. She also breaks down the most popular platforms and tools that support no-code development. Learn how to build web apps with Bubble, generate mobile apps with Thunkable, make interactive content with Outgrow, and more. Tune in to get acquainted with some of the latest and greatest tools in the no-code universe.

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  • Jen Kramer HTML, CSS, And No-Code Training

    Jen Kramer teaches web design and development to students around the world.

    Jen educates clients, colleagues, friends, and students about what a quality website is and how to create one. She teaches several online and in-person courses in web design and development. In addition to working as an instructor and educator, Jen has created over 60 video training courses.

    A frequent speaker at conferences, Jen has reached audiences in eight countries on three continents. She is available for freelance web design work, customized training courses, and individual tutoring. Jen earned a BS in biology and an MS in internet strategy management.

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