Node.js – Testing and Code Quality


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A maintainable codebase should have clean and easy-to-manage code. In this course, Jon Peck shows how to gauge quality, implement testing, and measure code coverage in your Node.js apps. To help you better understand these key concepts, he walks through how to clean up a buggy restaurant booking app. First, Jon reviews testing and code quality fundamentals. Next, he shows how to find errors by linting your code base, and explores different testing frameworks and their components. Finally, he demonstrates how to write unit and functional tests to exercise the code base, then determine what code was executed with a code coverage report.

Topics include:
  • What is code quality?
  • Testing and code quality fundamentals
  • Coding conventions and standards
  • Creating and enforcing coding standards
  • Unit, integration, and functional testing
  • Test-driven development test specificatons
  • Behavior-driven development test specifications
  • Finding errors with linting
  • Extending an ESLint shareable config
  • Validating correctness with unit testing
  • Replacing and inspecting with stubs, spies, and mocks
  • Code coverage and why it matters
  • Coverage with continuous integration


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