Oracle SQL Developer Tool 19C Free Download
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Oracle SQL Developer Tool 19C, FreeTuts Download

Oracle SQL Developer Tool 19C   Free Tutorial Download

Why Oracle SQL Developer is so popular?

Oracle SQL Developer is mostly used tool used by 5million Oracle Developers. There are many features integrated & supported by Oracle SQL Developer, which makes it is a versatile tool !!

  • Integrated Oracle Data modeler
  • Integrated Migration workbench
  • Approximately 295+ built-in reports for help Developer & DBA folks
  • It has its own reporting features. (Master detail, Drilldown, Gauge & 50+ varieties of Charts ie- Pie & Bar )
  • Integrated SQL*Plus command interface.
  • Can connect to 3rd party databases using different drivers
  • Can connect to Oracle Cloud database
  • Integrated file history and change logging features


This is one stop shop course !!


What you learn in this course.

  • Installation & setup to start working with the tool
  • Learning different components of Oracle SQL Developer tool
  • Creating different types of objects (Table, View, Procedure etc.)
  • Learn GUI setting like changing language of the tool, Fonts size increase, Worksheet & Result-set font type/size change.
  • Code formatting techniques
  • Mostly used short-cuts
  • Exporting data into different formats (CSV, HTML, INSERT scripts etc.)
  • Technique how to debug SQL & PLSQL code
  • Connecting to third party databases like (Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL etc.)
  • Migration of data from MySQL to Oracle
  • How to create & schedule Oracle job
  • Explain plan & Auto trace reports
  • Finding the difference between two schemas
  • Data modeling using both technique (Forward engineering & Reverse Engineering)
  • Creating Ad-hoc reports & Graphs (Simple, Master-detail, Drilldown Reports + Gauge & Charts)
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Who this course is for:

  • Database Developers
  • ETL Developers
  • Data Analyst & Data scientist


Download  Oracle SQL Developer Tool 19C  Free

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