Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration


What you’ll learn​
Deploying and managing a Ceph cluster using CephAdm.
Explain the architecture of a Ceph cluster
Manage operations on a Ceph Storage cluster
Provide servers with storage from the Ceph cluster using block, object, and file-based access methods.

Some experience with storage administration is recommended, but not required


Enterprises deploying cloud web hosting needed storage solutions that can help them manage critical business data. With the rise of open source software and high-performance storage systems, their penetration into cloud technology became imminent.
Underlining this principle of high-performance storage systems for fast compute speed, Ceph storage was formed.
Ceph, a distributed object-based stor-age system that meets these challenges, providing high-performance file storage that scales directly with the num-ber of OSDs and Metadata servers.

Ceph is an open source software put together to facilitate highly scalable object, block and file-based storage under one whole system.

Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration is designed for storage administrators or cloud operators who intend to deploy Ceph Storage to their production data center environment.

Deploying and managing a Ceph Storage cluster on commodity servers using Cephadm.
Creating, expanding, and controlling access to storage pools provided by the Ceph cluster.
Accessing Ceph Storage from clients using object, block, and file-based methods.
Analyzing and tuning Ceph Storage performance.

In this course we will:
Learn about Ceph storage cluster
Deploy your own Ceph cluster
Learn about sub-components of Ceph storage
Launch object storage on Ceph
Launch block storage on Ceph
Launch file-based system on Ceph
Learn about how to architect high availability Ceph clusters
Learn about managing and troubleshooting Ceph clusters
Learn about log management for Ceph cluster
Who this course is for:​
This course is intended for storage administrators, cloud operators, and cloud developers who want to learn how to deploy and manage Ceph Storage

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