Digital Forensics Professional


Have you ever wanted to learn how to perform digital forensics activities after an intrusion? The Digital Forensics Professional Learning Path will teach you how to identify and gather digital evidence as well as retrieve and analyze data from both the wire and endpoints. The Digital Forensics Professional Learning Path also prepares you for the eCDFP exam and certification.

Learning path at a glance:
-Learn how to acquire volatile and non-volatile data, using various techniques
-Dive into the structure of files and then, analyze file headers, malicious documents, and file metadata
-Become familiar with walking through partitions, recovering corrupted disks, and locating hidden data
-Learn how to analyze both FAT & NTFS file systems
-Get familiar with file carving and creating your own custom carving signatures
-Learn how to analyze the Windows registry, LNK files, prefetch files, and previously mounted USB devices
-Learn how to perform thorough investigations, against Skype, explorer’s shellbags, and Windows recycle bin
-Become proficient in forensically investigating network attacks



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Author: Ho Quang Dai

I am Ho Quang Dai, from Vietnam – A country that loves peace. I share completely free courses from major academic websites around the world. Hope to bring free knowledge to everyone who can’t afford to buy

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