Low Poly Character Modeling for Video Games


Learn to shape a 3D character with Blender
There are video games that tell stories of a Hollywood movie. The level of detail that can be given to the characters, not only physical but also narrative, allows us to tell interesting stories through them. Daniel Gutierrez – art director and 3D modeling specialist – is passionate about video games and characters with minimalist style, and in this course he will teach you his process to make them a reality.

Learn to design, model in 3D and texturize a videogame character with style low poly .


About this course

You will start by getting to know Daniel’s work better, his role in the video game industry and his inspiration to create characters low poly . In addition, he will tell you about his references and influences.

You will learn what is low poly and the main peculiarities of this technique. Next, Daniel will help you download and install Blender; will show you the essential tools to start browsing and modeling in this software , will explain to you how to use them and the shortcuts that you will need to know for this process.

You will see the first steps to create a character low poly , starting with its design and conceptualization. You will know the ideal work process and some tips to add unique features and characteristics to your characters, before moving on to modeling.

Once you have become familiar with the software and already having your character defined, you will begin the modeling phase of your character with accessories and accessories, using basic geometric figures and practical techniques to achieve a style low poly unique.

Later, you will color your character and learn the process of creating UV maps for texturing. Also, you will insert a camera and prepare the lighting, to finally render the image and export the file in a special format that will allow you to be part of a video game.

What is this course’s project?

You will learn to model and texturize a 3D character with style low poly

Who is it for?

To designers, artists, programmers or anyone who is interested in getting started in 3D modeling.

What you need

It is not essential to have previous knowledge of 3D modeling or handling of Blender, since Daniel will be responsible for explaining, step by step, all the tools.

Regarding materials, you’ll need a computer with Blender 2.8 or later. This software’s free version is constantly being updated and, when the changes introduced are structural, Daniel will be available in the forum to help you.



Low Poly Character Modeling for Video Games, Free Tutorials Download

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