Secret of the White Crane


Hakutsuru The Secret of the White Crane Master George Alexander, 9th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate, demonstrates the Hakutsuru or white crane form.

This is the kata that won him numerous tournament victories. This particular kata is very rare and imitates the delicate movements of the white crane. The kata, which has been secretly guarded, was brought to Kumemura Village Okinawa by Chinese immigrants known as Sanjuroku Seito or the thirty-six families. Shrouded in mystery, this kata is perhaps the most beautiful in karate’s repertoire of forms. The kata was brought to Kumemura by Chinese visitors from Fukien Province, and perpetuated by Bushi Mtsumura, Kenwa Mbuni, Shinko Matayoshi, Gokenki, and Hohan Soken. It is quite graceful in its sweeping and intricate movements. Master Alexander performs an artistic interpretation of the kata known as Hakutsuru no Mai or the Hakutsuru dance. The form is done to the haunting melody of the shakuhachi or Japanese bamboo flute. He expertly explains and performs the kata. Master Alexander is known for his clear and concise bunkai and self defense interpretations.


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