Security alarm using GSM Network, AVR MC and SMS messages



This course is about how to make a remote alarm of the house (home, summer cottage, office, warehouse, industrial buildings). We will use a mobile connection channel to exchange the data. The use of mobile connection will allow us to monitor the state of the object in any place (if mobile connection is available) at any time of the day. You can monitor the sensors on the doors and windows, smoke sensors and so on. So, your mobile phone turns into a security alarm panel that is always with you.
You can monitor not the sensors state only. In addition, you can monitor other parameters, such as indoor or outdoor temperature.
The transmission and receiving information will be carried out using SMS messages. With the help of SMS messages, you can control various devices on any distance – lighting, heating, and so on.
To work in the GSM network, we will use a cheap GSM module SIM800L. For this module control, we will use microcontroller ATMEL AVR Atmega32. Microcontroller will collect all information from the sensors and send it to GSM module. From other hand, microcontroller will receive the commands from GSM module and turn on or turn off the various devices.
To work on a project, we need to install on a computer AVR Studio. We will make all connections between the microcontroller ATMEGA32, module SIM800L and sensors on the bread board.
More lectures will be added to this course. As the number of lectures increases enrolled students will get free coupons for full course.
After completing this course, you will be able to create a remote house security alarm system at minimal cost.

You will learn

✓ Developing alarm system using GSM Networks.
✓ Connection AVR microcontroller with GSM module.
✓ Connection any sensors to AVR microcontroller.


• Electronics Basics
• C language for microcontrollers programing
This course is for
• Electronic Engineers
• Security system developers
• Electronic hobbyists


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