SSIS Real World Scenarios & Projects Tricks of the Trade


This Microsoft SQL Server SSIS is an intermediate level training course and it is the part of MSBI. You have to have the knowledge of basic tools and package creation. This SQL Server Integration Services course using SSDT contains three projects along with other tricks based on real world scenarios. All the projects are developed step by step. In one project you can learn how to perform ETL operation for the data warehouse using SSIS as well . The contents of this  online SSIS business intelligence video tutorial on Udemy as follows.

How to use Temporary Table in SSIS Package


Transferring Data from OLTP to Staging Table

Transferring data from Staging to Datawarehouse

Testing Metadata of the files and Loading the data

How to execute Foreach Loop Fixed Number of Times

SSIS Expression to get the File Name from the complete File Path

SSIS Expression to separate Name and Date Component of a file

YYYYMMDD date format using SSIS expression

Compress and Uncompress Folder using Winrar in SSIS

Parameter Settings of the Project

Testing the existence of Compressed File

Extracting ZIp File From Shared Folder to Local Processed Folder

Testing Date Component of each file with the Current Date

Dynamically Deciding which file to load in which table

ETL Operations

ETL with Lookup Option

Shared Folder Transfer and Naming Conventions

Debugging and Troubleshooting SSIS Packages

Breakpoints , Watch Windows and Data Viewer

Troubleshooting Problematic Records Using Data Flow Paths

Troubleshooting with Precedence Constraints

Deploying the Packages to Integration Services Catalog

Setting up Test and Production Environment

Automating the Package Execution and Checking the Reports of Execution

SSIS Real World Scenarios & Projects Tricks of the Trade, Free Tutorials Download

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