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Diego González holds a PhD in Information Science, a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering.

He currently works for researchers at Harvard University, CNRS, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology developing projects related to the Metaverse. He is also Blockchain Expert and Software Engineer at Docuten Tech, and has a long experience both in the IT industry and in research.  He also leads one of the districts of Decentraland, running a virtual campus in a fully decentralized virtual world powered by blockchain technology and VR.

He is the founder of the SciArt Lab, a Research & Development Lab in the Metaverse for the open exploration of Science, Art, and Technology with a focus on multidisciplinary knowledge and technology-driven creativity. The SciArt Lab also explores the potential of virtual reality for therapy, education, emergent economies, NFTs, and decentralized governance.

He was the co-founder and coordinator of Bitmind, a commons-oriented startup to explore the potential of Blockchain Technologies and the implementation of DAOs/OVNs on Ethereum. Bitmind had an international impact in the context of Applied Research & Open Source development around Blockchain-based organizations. Now it is a project of the P2P Foundation.

He has been Research Fellow at the P2P Lab, a spin-off of Tallin University of Technology and the P2P Foundation, and collaborated with the University of North Carolina, the Global Brain Institute of the Free University of Brussels and the Critical Making Lab at the University of Toronto, on diverse topics such as Complex Adaptive Systems, P2P dynamics, Decentralized Technologies & Blockchain, AI, STEAM education and the Social Implications of Technology.

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His multidisciplinary research is focused on information technologies, P2P social dynamics, blockchains, artificial societies modeling, complex science, computational simulation of collective production of knowledge, and peer learning.

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