Paint a Watercolor Pineapple Free Download
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Paint a Watercolor Pineapple, FreeTuts Download

In this class we will go over how to paint a fun, vibrant pineapple using watercolor paints! This is a perfect project for those wanting to add a fun piece of artwork to their living space, or who want to simply expand their watercolor skills. This class is suitable for all skill levels, but best fits those with some basic experience using watercolor (especially the wet-in-wet technique) and who possess strong sketching skills (although you can feel free to trace!). Students will learn how to apply the wet-in-wet watercolor technique to pattern and detail work.

Supplies Needed:
Watercolor Paints (Colors I used: Permanent Yellow Light, Permanent Yellow Deep, Light Red, Sap Green, Viridian Green, & Cobalt Teal. Feel free to find something similar in your collection if you don’t have these exact colors!)
Watercolor Paper
Round Watercolor Brush (sz. 8 is preferable)
Ceramic plate or paint palette
Jar of Water
Paper Towels

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Paint a Watercolor Pineapple, FreeTuts Download

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