Pandora’s Box- A Man’s Guide To The Female Mind


Pandora’s Box- A Man’s Guide To The Female Mind   Free Tutorial Download

This is an Advanced dating strategy product for those who are already getting some success with women, but  are not getting the results they want. In particular, getting a certain type of girl but but not the types of women you want in a different social sphere.

Some of the tools in this eBook are:

  1. “The Profiler Quiz”: A short 9 question multiple choice that you can run through for a girl you want to know the type of.
  2. Pop Quiz This test is supposed to see if you can figure out the personality types of women based on some behaviors.
  3. The Ultimate Strategy Guide: This is how to customize your approach to the 8 different personality types

The ideas on different personality types are useful. So for those already at an advanced level, this will help take your game to a higher level. If you have already read The Attraction Code you may find yourself reading quickly. If you are new to dating advice a cheaper option to get you started with the foundations of attraction and women psychology is Double Your Dating.


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