Pass Your Thesis, Dissertation Or Postgraduate Final Report Free Download
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Pass Your Thesis, Dissertation Or Postgraduate Final Report, FreeTuts Download

Pass Your Thesis, Dissertation Or Postgraduate Final Report   Free Tutorial Download

“This is such a great course. I am glad that I got to do it this early in my thesis (I am now doing my literature review chapter). I have enough time to start implementing all that Peter has taught. This course is suitable for everyone doing their masters or PhD irrespective of their stage in their research. Thanks Peter!” – Sindi Amunga

“This course is just ‘what the doctor ordered’ for me at this point. A perfect match for my needs. I just got a clear picture of how I can knit up and shape the piles of material I had all over the show. The simple and clear explanations, illustrations and demonstrations cleared up my understanding of thesis report writing. I clearly understand how to place myself as a researcher in my study, and I feel confident to justify my own choices of research methodology. I would recommend this course any day to both novice and veteran researchers for a simplified, easy to understand and practical approach to thesis research writing.” – Aretha Maposa

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to write and complete the final document of your postgraduate level, research study. It is often called a thesis, dissertation or final report and although there might be variations across faculties, the main structure is always the same. Each section of this course corresponds to a section in your thesis, in which you learn how to approach it, what goes in it and what’s important about completing it to achieve success. Each section also contains a demonstration lesson of each section from my own PhD, which shows you the application of the lessons. There are worksheets for you to download as reference guides for each section as well as quizzes and whiteboard lessons. Regardless of what phase you are in, this course will give you the overview and guidance that you need to gain confidence that you can complete  your dissertation without stress, on time and achieve a pass mark. What I teach you in this course is exactly what I learnt doing my own PhD, often the hard way; this is the course I wish I could have done when I was doing my document. I’ve created and packaged it in precisely the way that I would have found the most valuable – it truly takes a successful postgraduate student to teach another one about what they need to do.

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Exactly what is in this course:

  • An introductory lesson and “whiteboard webinar” teaching you about doing your final report, thesis or dissertation
  • Worksheets for the introduction, literature review, methodology section. results, conclusion / discussion and front / back matter
  • Lessons and demonstration lessons from my own PhD for each section, explaining what goes into them and how to write them successfully
  • Quizzes for each section of your document to test your learning about what goes in each and how you should approach them
  • A demonstration lesson of the front and back matter from my own PhD showing exactly how I laid them out and made extensive use of appendices
  • A whiteboard lesson about how to plan the last six months of your postgraduate degree during which you will write and complete your report

I guarantee you will learn something in this course that will improve your final report and boost your confidence in writing it, submitting it and ultimately getting a pass mark and finishing your degree

Who this course is for:

  • Diploma, under-graduate and postgraduate students
  • Anyone who has to write a thesis or dissertation / final report


Download  Pass Your Thesis, Dissertation Or Postgraduate Final Report  Free

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