Photo Compositing for Beginners in Photoshop CC Free Download
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Photo Compositing for Beginners in Photoshop CC, FreeTuts Download

Photo Compositing for Beginners in Photoshop CC  Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


In this video you will learn how to quickly and easily combine 3 simple photos into an epic composite photo in Photoshop CC! This class is great for beginners to the photo editing and digital art world with little to no experience in Photoshop. Photos are included in the project resource area for you to use for your project.

Why learn photo compositing?

It is not only an incredible way to tell stories and create surreal visions that are impossible to photograph in real life but it is also an incredibly valuable skill for every photographer to have in their pocket. If you are not into creating surrealism style photos, this class will still benefit you and increase your editing skills for your photography. Learning to composite opens the door to take your photographs to the next level and create images that you love.

Photoshop Skills Learned in this Class:

  • isolating subjects using ‘select and mask’ as well as the elliptical marquee tool
  • embedding and transforming photos within your project for great composition
  • adjustment and gradient layering along with blending modes to blend everything together
  • using the brush tool to create shadows, light and special effects


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