PHP Microframeworks with Slim Free Download
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PHP Microframeworks with Slim 1

PHP Microframeworks with Slim   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Build six projects using Slim microframework
  • Slim PHP microframework
  • Learn what microframeworks are and how to use them
  • Routing, dependency injection, error handling and middleware


  • A basic knowledge of PHP would be helpful

Are you looking to learn Slim framework, increase your knowledge of PHP and understand microframeworks?

This course will take you step-by-step through the world of  Slim microframework, from the very basics of creating your first page to advanced topics such as error handling and custom middleware.

Together, we’ll build six projects using Slim so you get hands-on experience writing PHP and using the framework. We’ll create routes, handle form data, return JSON, manage session data, build an authentication system and more.

Fully working example code is provided so that you can check your answers. I cannot wait to see you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

Download  PHP Microframeworks with Slim Free

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