PLC Programming for Refrigerator, AC and Heat Pump Free Download
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PLC Programming for Refrigerator, AC and Heat Pump 1

PLC Programming for Refrigerator, AC and Heat Pump   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • What a basic electrical circuit is
  • What a self holding circuit is and how to configure it
  • How to construct auto and manual program at the same time
  • The procedure to deal with analog signals.
  • Functions we can build with timer
  • What we can do with counter?
  • A way to control inverter compressor with PID controller
  • Manipulating an EXV(Electrical Expansion Valve ) with PID controller
  • Programs for operating many devices
  • Interlocks
  • What the defrost is and how to configure it with PLC
  • How to finish the defrost function with the evaporator temperature


  • Basic understanding for the refrigerator, AC or Heat pump
  • A PC with CODESYS V3.5 Development program which is free.

This lecture includes all knowledge and know-how I have gotten while working as an automatic control engineer since 2007. I tried to explain as much as I can about the new and best tactics used in the actual field. So, I organized agenda useful for not only beginners but experts who know almost everything about systems like refrigerator, air-conditioner (AC) and heat pump except for the automatic control. For example, you can feel that they are my daily issues I need to handle while working as an engineer or a technician in those field after checking the topics.

I did my best to explain about the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) program as easy as possible with minimum functions. I bet that this lecture will be incredibly helpful for you not only when you reviewing the others’ program but making your own program.

You will understand about the below after this lecture.

  • l What a basic electric circuit is and how to build it with PLC program
  • l How to make self-holding circuit program
  • l A way to configure auto and manual operation program at the same time
  • l A procedure for dealing with analog signals to be used in PLC program
  • l What a timer is and what kinds of functions we can make with it
  • l How to use a counter for refrigerator, AC or heat pump
  • l How to control an inverter compressor
  • l What is a tactic to manipulate an electronic expansion valve (EXV)
  • l Dealing with a system made up of many devices
  • l How to stop a system with interlock signals such as emergency stop button, fire alarm and so on
  • l How to make programs for defrost

I hope you will enjoy your program work after taking lecture. And if you have any topic you want me to explain, please let me know through feedback or email. Good luck.

Who this course is for:
  • Students who are majoring automation
  • Students who want to know about the control program for refrigerator, AC or Heat pump
  • Beginner level engineers working in the field of refrigerator, AC or Heat pump
  • Someones willing to work for refrigerator, AC or Heat pump field
  • Automatic engineers who want to transfer refrigerator, AC or Heat pump field
  • Engineers who need to manage outside research and development company

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