Power BI Tips, Tricks and Techniques Free Download
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Power BI Tips, Tricks and Techniques, FreeTuts Download

Power BI Tips, Tricks and Techniques   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Tips and Techniques for Power Query
  • Tips and Techniques for Slicers and Filters
  • Tips and Techniques for Visual Components
  • Miscellaneous Tips and Techniques Covering All Aspects of Power BI
  • Each Monthly Update of Power BI Covered Starting with the November, 2019 Update
  • Much More to Come Over the Next Several Months


  • Some working knowledge of Power Bi


This is a course devoted entirely to Power BI tips, techniques, some best practices, monthly updates and more. It does not cover DAX. We have a course on DAX Tips, Tricks and Techniques as well as two DAX workshop courses.

This course is not intended to teach you how to use Power BI. There are plenty of courses like this on Udemy and elsewhere. What we want to cover in this course is, for example, techniques for using Power Query, tips and techniques for using slicers, filters, various visuals, getting the most out of Power BI, exploring each monthly update, all aspects of Power BI etc.

This is also a course that will never be done. Because there is so much that can be covered in a course like this, and so many different tips, tricks and techniques available for using Power BI, and because each month brings a new set of features to explore a course like this will just continue to grow. This is by design and, therefore, it will never be done.

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Who this course is for:

  • Power BI Developers


Download  Power BI Tips, Tricks and Techniques Free

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