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About This Class
You are new to programming and want to learn Python basics from scratch?

Or… You’re already a Python developer and want to get a quick refresher?

And, you prefer to learn by doing? → This Python class is for you.

No need to know any programming or Python to get started. Just a strong motivation to learn.

The class is entirely done with the newest Python version: Python 3 (note that Python 2 is not supported anymore!)

→ Why this class?

I wanted to create a class to teach you just the Python basics – nothing more, nothing less → By taking the time to explain the basics well, to give you the foundation you need to start any other project or learning path.

So, to be clear, this class is not an “all-in-one 60h class with 45 projects” that’s going to take you 6 months to complete. I’m definitely not saying those classes are bad, just that I’m taking a different approach focused on the basics.

And this is not a class to become a Python “expert” in 1 day or 1 week neither. The instructors who try to sell you that dream are actually lying, all they want is getting more money by giving you false beliefs. Here I’m being 100% honest: you won’t be able to get a senior software developer job out of this class, let’s be realistic.

But, and this is important: at the end of this class, you will have a strong foundation on Python basics, and you will be able to build on that foundation with confidence.

You will then be able to start learning:

Web development
Video games
Robotics (my favorite!)
Artificial intelligence
Data science
And much more…
I focused on making the class as short as possible. No fluff and distracting stuff. Just the core basics you really need, explained in an easy way so you can clearly understand, and reinforced with practice.

→ How do I teach?

Step by step: each section, each lesson, is built on top of the previous one. 1 lesson = 1 small step towards your mastery of Python Basics.
Hands-on: no complicated theoretical explanations, I directly write the code and explain at the same time. And I encourage you to write the code too!
No copy and paste: I won’t make some code magically appear on the screen without any explanation. I write all the code that I explain, and explain all the code that I write.
To the point: if I can explain something in 5 minutes, I don’t produce a 15 minutes video to make the class look longer.
Practical: I teach you what you really need in order to do useful things with Python. This means focusing on what can give you the greatest value now.
Additional Practice: with each key concept you get some exercises to practice on exactly what you need to understand, so the learning is much more efficient.
So, if you like to learn by doing, and want to really understand what you do, you will love this class.

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→ What are you going to do and learn in this class?

First, you will install Python on your computer (videos for Windows, Linux, and MacOS).

Then the class is divided into 4 Python levels. For each level you get:

A quick introduction video to make the relation between different levels and explain what we are going to do.
Hands-on lessons (most of them are about 5 minutes long) to introduce new key concepts.
At the end of the level (section), some exercises to practice on the key points of the section, and also combine concepts together.
Here’s an overview of what you’ll see in each level:

Level 1: Python shell, variables, data types, lists, user input
Level 2: Python IDE (PyCharm), comments, functions, scope
Level 3: conditions (if), for loops, while loops
Level 4: read/write to a file, use and create Python modules, run a Python program from the terminal

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