pranayama (back to the roots) level 1 Free Download
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pranayama (back to the roots) level 1, FreeTuts Download

 pranayama (back to the roots) level 1 Free Tutorial Download


this is the best breathing course for everyone, who is looking for their self development and want to make a profession in pranayam field  in this course we will be learning three major breath (apana breath, samana breath and prana breath) which are the base of pranayama. in this breathing course we will also be learning about the cleansing technique through which we will be cleaning and balancing our pranic channels. this is the besic pranayam course which will help one to understand the base of the pranic technique

Who this course is for:

  • this is the beginner course, as it will prepare their body for any of the further courses but as the techniques and new and effective so intermediate or experienced students can join also
  • if the breathing is not correct this is the best option for you
  • those who want to understand the basic of the pranayama as well as berathing
  • camplete beginners must try this course
  • if you want to work with your energy system

pranayama (back to the roots) level 1, FreeTuts Download


Download  pranayama (back to the roots) level 1 Free

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