Pro Swift (Videos) (ePub) Free Download
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Pro Swift (Videos) (ePub), FreeTuts Download

Pro Swift (Videos) (ePub)   Free Tutorial Download

Pro Swift is a book and video tutorial course from the author of Hacking with Swift, and aims to help you learn powerful Swift techniques that will enable you to write code faster and more efficiently.

Your purchase includes the complete book as well as over 90 videos that demonstrate techniques hands-on – functional programming, variadic functions, closures, and error handling are all carefully explained.

About Pro Swift

I wrote Hacking with Swift to teach app development in a highly practical way: you learn while you code, and you always learn new techniques in a real-world context so you can see exactly how they are applied. Well, Pro Swift is no different: I’ve structured the course so you learn powerful, expressive Swift syntax that you can immediately start using in your own projects.

As well as the complete book – in PDF, ePub, Mobi and HTML – you’ll also get a comprehensive set of videos that walk you through every technique so you can follow along in Xcode.

All code comes fully ready for Swift 5.0.

What’s in the course?

  • Object-oriented Swift: inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation
  • Protocol-oriented Swift and how it differs from OOP
  • Functional programming user filter, map, flatMap and reduce
  • Model-View-Controller vs Model-View-ViewModel
  • Pro pattern matching using “for case let” and switch blocks
  • Understanding how lazy vars can boost your performance
  • When it’s best to use reference types and value types
  • How to apply generics to your own code
  • Mastering enums and associated values
  • How to write smart inner classes and functions
  • Variadic functions and tuple destructuring
  • Operator overloading
  • Handling exceptions gracefully: try vs try! vs try?
  • Sets, subsets, and unions
  • The elusive @autoclosure keyword
  • Adding documentation markup to your code
  • How to write command-line Swift apps
  • And much more!
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What readers say

  • “Pro Swift builds on the foundations of Hacking With Swift, and the beautifully clear explanations are even more appreciated when applied to more advanced topics.” – Simon Wolf
  • “I’ve read it thoroughly and my basic knowledge and understanding of Swift has been elevated to a new level.” – Johan Kesoyan
  • “Pro Swift takes your knowledge to the next level using practical and understandable examples. All major topics are covered.” – Richard Lowe


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