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Project Management for Designers   Free Tutorial Download

For designers juggling a slew of clients and projects, project management is a critical tool that can help them stay organized, prioritize, collaborate, and keep up with the current tasks at hand. In this course, instructor Justin Ahrens provides designers with a framework that can help them keep their projects on track. Justin starts by helping you evaluate current project management areas where you’re gifted, as well as where you might be lacking. He then guides you through scheduling and troubleshooting your projects and discusses how great project management impacts team culture and client relations. Justin wraps up the course with a brief discussion of software recommendations.

Topics include:

  • Determining your project management strengths and weaknesses
  • Scheduling
  • Wrapping up a project
  • Making project management a priority for your team
  • Identifying challenges early on
  • Dealing with client needs
  • Reviewing outcomes and processes


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