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While quality may be a subjective measure when it comes to products like cars, clothes, or food, you can still loosely think of quality as a measure of expectations versus reality. When it comes to the realm of project management, defining quality is a little more cut and dry: To what degree did the project meet its requirements? In this course, Daniel Stanton provides project managers with an introduction to key quality management concepts. As Daniel points out, quality could be the main factor in making a sale and earning repeat business, and understanding the basics of quality management can help you deliver better results. He covers topics like metrics, Six Sigma techniques, quality function deployment, and Pareto analysis, and explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative quality metrics. After this course, you’ll have a better idea of the role quality management plays within project management.


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    Daniel Stanton, PMP, CSCP, SCPro, CSSBB, is an award-winning business educator, executive, and entrepreneur.

    Known as “Mr. Supply Chain,” Daniel served five years in the military before getting a masters in logistics engineering from MIT and working as a supply chain project manager for a global manufacturing company. His best-selling book, Supply Chain Management For Dummies, has been translated into several languages. He has also cofounded tech startups and been an advisor and senior executive for nonprofit education associations. Daniel believes that supply chains are key to understanding how businesses deliver value to customers, and projects are the way we make improvements to supply chains.You can learn more about his work, and follow him on social media, at

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