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In this class, we focus on the 3D modelling aspect of computer aided design (CAD) using PTC Onshape. This is the foundation of 3D modelling, and allows us to then look at creating technical drawings, assemblies and much more. Technical drawings and assemblies will be handled in other classes.

We’ll go through all the usual features and tools for 3D modelling, like revolves, extrudes, sweeps, lofts and much more. We aim to cover all of the tool options to make these classes thorough.

Throughout the class, there are reasonably simple exercises to work through, and then a Capstone Project at the end to create a simple race car component. This component is one that I have used on an actual race car, so it will be a good test to determine whether you have grasped the concepts of the class well.


Would you like to become a designer and create your own products but don’t know where to start? Begin your journey by developing your knowledge in using Computer Aided Engineering (CAD) through the use of the amazing software PTC Onshape!

PTC Onshape is a fantastic tool for creating high-quality engineering models and technical drawings quickly with great ease. It works through your web browser so you won’t be constrained by hardware requirements or update issues. Working and sharing models with colleagues couldn’t be easier, and becoming proficient will take just a matter of hours! PTC Onshape works in an innovative new way compared to other CAD software, in order to maximise collaboration and productivity, and will likely lead all competitors into a new way of thinking,

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To ensure you really learn how to use PTC Onshape, the course is structured with video lectures, and chances for hands-on experience through the means on small exercises and capstone projects – solutions are provided for all exercises.

Dive into this course and see what creations and designs you can produce at the end of this course.

We hope to see you take part, enjoy this class and post your projects!

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