Python from None to Class – programming course Free Download
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Python from None to Class - programming course 1

Python from None to Class – programming course   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Python
  • Programming
  • Object oriented programming
  • scalar, sequential and unordered types
  • methods and functions
  • loops
  • code structure
  • flow control
  • creating and using modules and packages
  • handling files and MySQL databases in the code
  • coding


  • computer with internet access

This course is designed for people who have not had contact with the Python language and want to join the programming world. The course structure helps you to understand everything you need to know to get started. We will discuss both the theory and practice (code that we will create ourselves). There will be also many tips and hints to help you understand the discussed concepts. The course starts with an introduction to the Python language (the differences between versions 2 and 3, how to use Python from the console and Jupyter Notebook or conventions and naming). On the first programming classes, you’ll learn the scalars and sequential types of Python objects, along with their methods, arithmetic, indexing rules, and the operations you can perform on them. We will close the topic on object types with dictionaries and sets. Next large block of material will be the flow control, that is logical instructions, where you will learn the rules for creating and operating on conditions, loops, comprehension expressions or matrices (creating loops in other loops). The next will be the topic of functions. You will learn to write your own code blocks that execute series of instructions, how to get from and return values to the user, what is polymorphism, recursion or decorators. The whole block will end with object-oriented programming, its principles and method of working with classes, their fields and methods. In the last section of the course you will find the topics that can help you with your own further projects, that is: how to handle text and CSV files, how to combine Python code with a database written in MySQL, or how to create and use a regular expression. At the beginning we will keep the code simple, but with time as your knowledge will increase, the code will grow. For each material, you will also find a text notes that will summarize the discussed knowledge. In addition, in each section you will find the exercises (on different difficulty levels) that will allow you to test your new skills and knowledge. If you want to learn programming in Python check the curriculum of the course and preview materials. And see you soon inside the course!

Who this course is for:
  • beginner python developers
  • beginner developers
  • students
  • developers
  • people interested in learning programming
  • people who want to change their job
  • researchers
  • anyone interested

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