Python Training from Scratch to Penetration Tester Free Download
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Python Training from Scratch to Penetration Tester, FreeTuts Download

Python Training from Scratch to Penetration Tester, FreeTuts Download

Python Training from Scratch to Penetration Tester – Python Full Tutorial, Introduction to Penetration Test

Thousands of jobs are waiting for python developers. Learn to make your own penetration testing GUI tools.

This course comes with more than 8 hours of full practical training. Not even a single power point presentation was used in this whole course. Entire theory was explained with the help of the code so that every point can be justified. Not just deep in fundamental is taken but also a variety of practical examples are coded live in the videos so that students can learn to solve problems in the code. Finally we will take python skills to design penetration testing tools. So that, at the end of the training, you can take few tools with you. 

What basic skills are required to take this course?

Being a comprehensive course, this course assumes that you have some fundamentals of computers with you such as installing software, extracting rar files etc. We do not expect you to be a programmer because we are about to make you one. A programmer that can automate various tasks and give shapes to his ideas in python. 

What does this course cover?

This course starts from the installation of python in the very first movie. Then instead of using Notepad ++ we will take you to the corporate level of development with Eclipse IDE. Moving from basic principles like datatypes, basic operation, conditional programming, loops, and object oriented concepts, we will take the python training series to the next level. We will teach you to integrate database, code, graphical user interface and network socket programming basics. Further we will explore the possibility of python scripts in penetration testing. 

Where is python used?

The rapid increase in python usage means fast growing job market. Python is used by Google, Youtube, Yahoo Maps, Battlefield 2, Walt Disney Feature Animation, ABN AMRO Bank, Treasury Systems, National Weather Service, NASA, Red Hat, Thawte Consulting, IBM are just some examples. Since python modules are available for almost every task, you can implement python all over the internet. Therefore the job scope is extremely high.

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Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy 
Language of instruction: English 
Teacher: Igneus Technologies 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced 
Training time: 10 hours + 30 minutes 
File size: 981 MB 

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