Quantum Computing A-Z


Welcome to Quantum Computing A-Z! In this course you are going to be introduced to almost the whole field of Quantum Computing all within 10 hours of material! While the material was lot of breath, there is still some depth to quite a bit of the material, so it won’t be easy! The entire course was created using ManimGL math animation software, so it will be easy on the eyes and a pleasure to watch!

——-Why did I make this course?———-

I was learning Quantum Computing on my own as well as ManimGL. I didn’t see a resources online that used both these skills together so I figured I would make such a course. It took 4 months but was worth the effort!

——–Why is this course Unique?———–

This is one of the few resources where we have video dialogue, concepts explained with good animations, strong math emphasis, and coding in 1 course! This course covers a wide array of topics and does so elegantly. Hope you think so too!

———-Who is this course for?————-

– High School/University Graduates

– Have Experience in Programming

– Knowledge in Linear Algebra and Quantum Mechanics

———Tips on Taking this course?———-

– Take Notes and write down all concepts + math equations

– Try to Write the code on your own!

– Enjoy the course! There is no stress and no rush

—-Are you grateful for this opportunity?—–

Yes absolutely! To have the opportunity to teach in front of lots of bright young minds is an honor! On top of that, I am grateful to all the resources (online, textbook, and research papers) that contributed to the creation of this course. I would like to specifically thank IBM’s Qiskit Team, Xanadu’s Pennylane Team, 3Blue1Brown’s ManimGL amazing software, and lastly all of you, the ones interested in taking this course!

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And Remember, most importantly, have fun taking the course!

Who this course is for:

  • High School graduates looking to get ahead of the curve
  • University students/graduates wanting to apply their knowledge and skills
  • Teachers and Professors who would like to use this material for their classes
  • Individuals looking for experience in Quantum Computing

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