Querying for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases Free Download
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Querying for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases, FreeTuts Download

Querying for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases, FreeTuts Download

Querying for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases – Query Writing in Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Many of the world’s most powerful programs and websites use SQL to manage the incredible amount of data they work with every day. As a result, understanding how to query data from platforms like Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is a very valuable skill. In this course, Gerry O’Brien reviews the history of SQL and relational theory to help you understand exactly where this data manipulation language and the Microsoft sentimental database program got their start. Next, he shows how to query one or many different tables using SELECT statements, as well as how to filter, group, and sort the results. Then, he shows how to work with special data types like dates, times, and characters. Gerry also covers advanced topics like subqueries, programming with Transact-SQL, and improving query performance.

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Language of instruction: English 
Moderator: Gerry O’Brien 
Level of instruction :, Secondary 
Time of training: 4 hours + 41 minutes 
File size: 624 MB 

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Password : freetuts.download

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