R Programming for Data Science – Part 1

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About This Class

  • R is one of the most popular and widely used tools for statistical programming.
  • It is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use tool for data analytics, and data visualization.
  • It is the first choice for thousands of data analysts working in both companies and academia.

This course will help you master R programming, as a first step to become a skilled R data scientist.


What you will learn from this class:

  • Learn to program in R at a good level and how to use R Studio
  • Learn the core principles of R programming
  • Learn how to create vectors in R
  • Learn how to create variables
  • Learn Data types in R
  • Decision Making in R
  • Learn how to create a while() loop and a for() loop in R
  • Learn how to build and use matrices in R
  • Learn how to use Functions in R
  • Learn the matrix() function, learn rbind() and cbind()
  • Learn to use Factors in R
  • Learn to use Data Frames in R
  • Learn how to install packages in R
  • Learn how to use charts and Graphs in R
  • Learn to read data from CSV files
  • Learn Data Analysis in R
  • Data Manipulation using dplyr
  • Data Imputation
  • Learn how to use charts in R for data visualization
  • Shiny for Interactive dashboards in R
  • Analysis of Covariance

Who this class is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master R
  • Aspiring data scientists
  • Academic researchers
  • Doctoral researchers



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