React and Node.js Project – Build a Torrent Search Engine


Welcome to “React and Node.js Project: Build a Torrent Search Engine”.

In this course we will build our own torrent search engine using React, Node.js, MongoDB and Express. We will start with writing our code with VS Code on our local development environment and finally will deploy it to Heroku and Netlify.

This course includes :

– Building an Backend API with Node.js, Express and MongoDB

– Parsing Torrent websites to extract data and store it in out MongoDB database.

– API testing with POSTMAN

– Build a React frontend and integrating it with our backend

– Using Github to maintain our code repository

– Deploying our backend API on Heroku and React app on Netlify

This is not a “Intro to React” or “Intro to Node” course. It is a practical hands on course for building a full stack web app.  I would advise to please have some basic knowledge on React and Node.js before taking this course.

PS: I do not advocate download of pirated material from torrents. In this course we will just build a Torrent Search Engine Aggregator.

Our search engine doesn’t host torrents and doesn’t even save torrents. We will just extract the filename and the size from the sources.

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