React – Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site


 React – Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site   Free Tutorial Download

You’ve learned React and can create amazing front-end interfaces. But deploying them requires more. You need logic—and a place to put it. By combining your front-end UI with a back-end solution and cloud hosting, you can build powerful and interactive full-stack applications. In this project-based course, Shaun Wassell shows how to combine React, Node.js, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a full-stack, full-featured website, including user-friendly forms for posting articles and comments. Learn how to create an interface from React components, develop a Node.js server, tie in a MongoDB database, and deploy your site on Amazon Web Services. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to take your client services to the next level: full-stack web applications that are truly interactive.

Topics include:
  • Creating the app component
  • Using React-Router links
  • Setting up an Express server
  • Route parameters in Express
  • Adding the comments functionality
  • Installing and adding MongoDB to your project
  • Rewriting the endpoints
  • Adding React hooks
  • Adding buttons and forms
  • Pushing code to GitHub
  • Running a full-stack app on AWS


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