React for Data Visualization Free Download
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React for Data Visualization, FreeTuts Download

  React for Data Visualization Free Tutorial Download

Welcome to what I hope is the best and most fun React and D3 learning resource on the internet. No TODO apps here, just fun interactive stuff that makes you look great at a dinner party.

After an hour with React + D3 , you’ll know how to make React and D3.js play together. You’ll know how to create composable data visualizations. Understand why that’s a good idea, and you will have the tools to build your own library of interactive visualization components. Or use and understand somebody else’s.

It’s going to be fun!

I believe learning new tech should be exciting, so I did my best to inject joy whenever I could.

250+ pages as a book, 8 example apps, near 8 hours of video, a bunch of skill building blocks. React for Data Visualization, FreeTuts Download

Going through this course you will:

  • build a bunch of reusable visualization components
  • build an interactive data dashboard
  • learn about reusable animation components
  • learn the basics of D3.js
  • master React
  • learn the basics of Redux and MobX
  • look into rendering rich animations on canvas
  • explore React alternatives like Preact and Inferno
  • learn about server-side rendering
  • learn a few basics of data science
  • learn some WebGL and 3D rendering

You might be thinking “How the hell does this all fit together to help me build interactive graphs and charts?” . They’re building blocks!

First I will show you the basics. Stuff like how to make React and D3 like each other, how to approach rendering, what to do with state.

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Then you’ll build a big project to see how it all fits together.

When you’re comfortable with React and D3 working together, I will show you animation. Cool things like how to approach updating components with fine grained control and how to do transitions. I’ll show you how tricks from the gaming industry work on the web.

Short on time? Don’t worry.

The initial examples work in CodeSandbox, a web-based IDE. Read the explanation, run the code, master enough React to be dangerous. You won’t even have to leave the browser.

In about an hour, you’ll know React and D3 well enough to explore on your own, to sell the tech to your boss and your team, and to assess if the React+D3 combination fits your needs.

I believe learning new tech should be exciting.

React for Data Visualization, FreeTuts Download

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