React Next.js Firebase Node.js MongoDB Login Register System Free Download
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React Next.js Firebase Node.js MongoDB Login Register System, FreeTuts Download

  React Next.js Firebase Node.js MongoDB Login Register System Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  1. Learn to build production ready authentication system
  2. Leverage firebase auth (free service) to build login and register system
  3. Learn to fully secure your web pages in the server side
  4. Learn to use the best tech combination for any future projects
  5. Build separate client side app that uses NodeJs API
  6. Implement Login with Google
  7. Password Reset by Sending Email Link (if forgotten)
  8. Always Keep the User Logged In (without writing your own refresh token logic )
  9. Learn to Secure/Protect Web Pages (fully server side for complete protection)
  10. Learn to build Modern Apps using React, NextJs, NodeJs, MongoDB
  11. Learn to build SEO friendly SSR sites using NextJs
  12. Build a Boilerplate / Base Project with Rock Solid Authentication System and Use It In All Your Future Projects


  • Basic understanding of react and nodejs


React Next.js Firebase Node.js MongoDB Ultimate Authentication for Production Apps

Do you want to build a production ready authentication system for your production app

or for all your future projects?

This course has everything you need to build a rock solid authentication using React Node Next.js MongoDB Firebase

I will be using free Firebase authentication to get token and use that to get user info in server side

then use that information to find or create user in our own MongoDB.

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This way you use Firebase authentication system but still use your own server with MongoDB for building

MERN Stack / FullStack apps.

This is the best way to build the authentication system without writing your own complicated authentication system

and you never have to worry about adding social loginrefreshing the tokenforgot and reset passwords,

sending emails and other security issues.

let firebase handle all that for you…

So you can use this project as a base project to start any future MERN stack apps. It has separate frontend

built using React, Next.js and context and reducer hook which will give you a redux like state management.

And it has totally separate API that will validate firebase token and find or create user in MongoDB.

There is not much code in this project, not too many files… so that you can build complex apps on top of this… or even modify the code if needed.

It’s built in a flexible way so that you can build any projects in future, without having to write your own complicated login/register system.

Don’t waste your valuable time writing incomplete, insecure, half baked authentication system for your future projects. Learn the core concept of building secure apps and use this project as a base project for all your awesome projects starting today. Are you ready for this adventure?

Who this course is for:

  • React, NodeJs and JavaScript developers who wants to build great projects but do not wish to write complicated authentication system ever again
  • Developers looking for that base starter project which has all the necessary features
  • Developers looking for a best combination of modern tech including React, NextJs (for SSR/SEO), NodeJs and MongoDB for fast and easy API
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React Next.js Firebase Node.js MongoDB Login Register System, FreeTuts Download

Download  React Next.js Firebase Node.js MongoDB Login Register System  Free

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