Real-Time Chat Messenger With Django & Channels


User Management
Forgot Password
Change Password
View accounts
Update account properties
Search for other users
Friend System
Send friend requests
Accept friend requests
Decline friend requests
Cancel friend requests
Remove Friends
Public Chatroom
Build a public chatroom where any authenticated user can chat. (Django Channels & WebSockets)
Private Chatroom
Have 1-on-1 conversations with friends. (Django Channels and WebSockets)
Real-time notifications for things like:
Friend requests (Can accept / decline from the notification)
Private chat messages
Push to Production
Purchase a domain
Host the website on Digital Ocean
There’s a lot more involved here than hosting a regular website. We have Redis configuration and Daphne for the sockets.
High-level Topics
Javascript basics
Image cropping with Python and Javacript
CSS basics
Javascript WebSockets
Django Channels 2
Asychronously talk to server backend through javascript
Dynamically close and open new sockets on the same page
Asynchronously load images with Javascript (while showing a default image)
Custom user authentication with django

Target Audience
This is meant to be almost a beginner course. I expect you to have some knowledge of web development (html & css) and python. But if you know absolutely nothing you should still be able to keep up. I do everything on camera so you can just follow along and you should be fine. If you have issues I recommend becoming a member so you can join the community discord channel and ask questions.


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