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Learn to code & deploy a fullstack WhatsApp clone made entirely with React + Firebase. Gain next-level skills as you build an epic React app. Welcome to a special training course where you will build your own complete WhatsApp clone made entirely with React.

Isn’t it time you learned to make great apps with React?

In only a few afternoons, you can learn the entire process to start building your own amazing, production-ready apps.

And in that time, you’ll get way more than a great project…

You’ll master a complete set of powerful skills to build your very own incredible applications, limited only by your imagination.

You’ll build a complete clone of the WhatsApp web app that looks and works just like the real thing.

You’ll master a powerful stack of essential tools, including:

Make serverless React apps from front to back with Firebase
Build realtime chat functionality with Cloud Firestore
Securely login users with third-party authentication
Make impressive user interfaces with Material UI
Upload media + image files with Firebase Storage
Add totally custom features using React Hooks
Easily manage app state using useReducer + useContext
Seamlessly deploy your app with Netlify
Still reading? This isn’t even HALF the skills you’ll learn…
This course was custom-made for ambitious developers, who:

Want to gain next-level React skills and rapidly increase their value as a developer.
Want to learn the complete process to make real-world React apps to create epic apps on their own.
Aren’t satisfied with the courses and tutorials out there (that don’t teach how to make something beyond a boring todo app).
Know HTML, CSS, and JS already, but want a truly exciting challenge to level-up their skills.
Want to learn all of the skills to become an effective React developer while having fun along the way.
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to build world-class apps with React.

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Whether you want to get started with an exciting new project, or looking to become a highly skilled React developer, you’ll learn a ton in this course.

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