RESTful API ASP.NET Core 3 and EF Core – Step by Step Project Free Download
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RESTful API ASP.NET Core 3 and EF Core – Step by Step Project, FreeTuts Download

RESTful API ASP.NET Core 3 and EF Core – Step by Step Project   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • RESTful API creation using ASP .NET Core 3.0
  • CRUD API functionality using GET, PUT. PATCH, POST, DELETE
  • Filtering Resources
  • Sorting Resources
  • Pagination of Resources
  • Status Codes and Error Reporting
  • Creating Custom Validation Attribute
  • Validattion using IValidatable Object
  • Creating Caching Profiles
  • Caching Resources
  • Repository Pattern
  • Data Shaping
  • Mapping Entities with DTO using AutoMapper
  • Creating Collection of Resources with single API request
  • Additional verbs – OPTIONS, HEAD
  • Supporting JSon and XML Content Types
  • Adding Custom Headers to responses


  • Good grasp of C# language (intermediate level recommended)
  • Visual Studio 2019 (any addition) with installed .Net Core 3.0
  • Basic familiarity with MVC pattern
  • Familiarity with REST principles
  • Basic knowledge of CRUD operations principles


Thank you for checking out my course.

So what is the course all about? As the name – “Creating RESTful API with ASP .Net Core 3.0 and Entity Framework Core” implies, we will dive into building an API using REST principles. We’ll use Entity Framework Core for persisting our data in database and ASP .Net Core 3.0 framework for interacting with it.

What will we build.

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Simple answer is CRUD API that uses GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE verbs to manipulate the resources for music Bands and the Bands Albums. However we’ll do so much more than that! We will also let our API to filter and sort resources; apply pagination to limit the number of resources per page; implement Data Shaping to allow the user specify which properties should be returned and which ones can be ignored; we’ll let the user to create a collection of resources with a single API request; support Json and XML; add Upserting, which is creating a new resource with update, if the resource doesn’t yet exists, and we’ll implementing it both for PUT and PATCH verbs; we’ll implement input validation, both with IValidatable Object and we’ll also create a Custom Validation Attribute; we’ll have a close look at status codes and make sure they adhere to REST principles; we’ll use OPTIONS and HEAD verbs and explore how and why to use them; and we’ll add custom headers to our responses. Of course, we will work heavily with Entities and Data Transfer Objects (DTO). And all of that will be implemented via Repository Pattern.


As you can see, it truly is Beyond Basics course. Although the course is suitable for all levels, because it covers the basics and more advanced topics, you are expected to have a good command of C# language, especially if you want to follow the advanced parts. You should also be familiar with MVC patter and REST principles as those are not discussed in any detail.

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Who is this course for.

This course goes beyond the basics. It’s for everyone who wants to learn how to create RESTful API with ASP.Net Core 3.0. NOTE: this is not a beginners course! It’s designed for intermediate and advance level programmers

Whether you never created an API, or are familiar with the basics and want to explore more advanced topics, you will find this course perfect for you. As long as you have solid C# skills, you will be able to follow along. Everything is coded on camera, and each line of code is explained in detail, so you will never be lost and always know WHAT we are doing, and equally important, WHY we are doing it.

Are you ready to dive into creating RESTful API? If so, let’s together jump into .Net Core 3.0 and create a well-built API that follows REST principles.

See you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers familiar with basics of API who want to explore more advanced topics
  • Programmers new to REST API creation (but NOT new to C#)
  • Programmers who want to learn how to create solid REST API with .Net Core 3
  • Developers who want to move to .Net Core 3 from previous versions
  • Self-taught programmers with intermediate level of C# language skills

Download  RESTful API ASP.NET Core 3 and EF Core – Step by Step Project  Free

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