Reverse Engineering with Radare2 Free Download
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Reverse Engineering with Radare2, FreeTuts Download

Reverse Engineering with Radare2  Free Tutorial Download

What is Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering (RE) is an ad hoc and creative process of extracting the knowledge of design and implementation information from anything we use in reality. Similarly, reversing a software is a practice of analysing the software to examine its internals when we don’t have the source code and utilizing the knowledge we make fun from it in a beneficial manner.

Why Reverse Engineering a Software

In today’s world, there are many reasons for reversing a software. These days the primary purposes of reversing a binary or software are to develop competing products or cracking the existing commercial software. Reversing is very popular when it comes to crackers that defeat various copy protection mechanisms of the software available. Software Reverse Engineering comes in various forms; a malware analyst needs to perform RE to analyse things like malicious software, a Worm or a Trojan which are wide spread. A cryptanalyst will choose reverse engineering to learn cryptographic algorithms and subsequently attempt different ways to crack the encryption/decryption algorithms. In addition, tech companies, that develop million dollar products, will employ a reverse engineer to audit the software to comply with digital rights management (DRM). In all the above cases, we really don’t need the source code of the software. In fact, if we have the source code we don’t even need to conduct RE.

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What is Radare2

radare2 is an open source reverse engineering framework used for static and dynamic analysis, digital forensics or software exploitation supporting multiple platforms, architectures and binary formats. Radare2 is shipped with a few other important tools for file metadata extraction, base conversion, unified binary diffing and many others. This program, is not only a great disassembler but also a good debugger, especially when you love working on CLI (command-line interface). Mastering radare2 is not simple since one must remember a multitude of commands in order to use it. But again, it has intuitive command-line control to write, as compared to writing code using the IDA bindings. If you are familiar with IDA Pro or Hopper and you are a CTF player then you should try radare2.

Reverse Engineering with Radare2, FreeTuts Download

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